Saturday, November 15, 2014

Could You be Wrong About Where Your Child’s Self-Esteem Comes From?

            Does a child’s self esteem come from piano lessons, soccer games, and scout camps? Not at all. Author Merrilee Browne Boyack advises that self esteem comes from a child knowing how to do things by themselves.  Confidence boosters like dressing themselves, doing the dishes by themselves, and doing their own hair are the best way to build good self esteem in children. 

            Children perceive that grown up activities are important. Who hasn't seen a toddler mimicking an adult phone conversation, grocery store visit, or setting a table as they play? They instinctively know that adult activities are of value. What could better boost self esteem than becoming able to do what the big people do?

            Though it can be difficult for parents to stand back and watch children complete a task imperfectly, or to spend quality, consistent time teaching a child how to do something until they get it right, the proof is in the pudding. Children who know how to take care of themselves are confident and happier than children that have parents who attend to their every need.

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Article Author: Sheryl C.S. Johnson
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