Saturday, November 15, 2014

Making Chores More Interesting for Children

                 In her book, The Parenting Breakthrough, author Merrilee Browne Boyack asks, “Do you serve the same meal day after day?...Do you go see the same movie week after week after week?...To use the same method of assigning chores all the time is incredibly dull; it’s no wonder the kids lose interest.”

                She’s right. There is no reason we can’t change up our chore assignment routine from time to time. Parents can use a different chore assignment method in the fall when they need to work around school and homework schedules. Weekends with bigger chores work better in the fall. In the summer daily chores are perfect. 

                Merrilee suggests a variety of chore assignment methods to spice up your chore routines. However she advises, “…if one method does not work, don’t give up! Just move on and keep searching and making changes.” Here are a few of her suggestions:

                Pocket charts: A pocket chart consists of two pockets. When a child finishes a chore he moves it from the to-do pocket to the done pocket.

                Rotating zones: Dividing the house into zones and giving a child responsibility for a zone (warning, may cause sibling contention when one child is messy in another child’s zone).

                Rotating chores: Systematically rotating the children through chores that change monthly.

                Blitz: An entire family comes together at the same time to clean the same room or area.

                Sixty-second straighten: Exactly what it sounds like. Set a timer and let the children clean like crazy to see how much they can get done before the time rings.

                TeachMyHeart.Com would like to add Playing Hotel to this list. This is featured in a fantastic article at the Gilded Pear HERE. If you’re really interested in making chore time more bearable for your children it is a must read.

                Enjoy our free pocket chart pdf… You provide the chores!

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Article Author: Sheryl C.S. Johnson
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